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Follow the Money Part II

Feb 4, 2021
The challenges we discussed in Part I, though daunting, can be met rationally and strategically with the right information. Here in Part 2, we discuss the broad market trends and vital signs of the built environment, showing what to expect across the industry. Within that context, we drill down into each market sector, highlighting the risks and possibilities.

Follow the Money Part I

Feb 4, 2021
In Part 1 of this report, DesignIntelligence Research offers a clear, focused summary of the global economic shocks resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the finance industry’s reaction, the U.S. monetary policy changes, and the implications for business.

5G: More Than A Speed Boost

5G: More Than A Speed Boost

Coming Next Month:
The fifth-generation network, or 5G, is making its way through the world, leaving behind a mess of competition
and confusion. Business and political markets scramble to position themselves ahead of their competitors, while
individuals believe the effect will be too indirect to care.