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DesignIntelligence Research Subscription Is Coming soon. Our Researchers Are Busy Compiling Research Papers.

At DesignIntelligence, we know solid information and valid sensemaking are essential for great design and leadership. Soon we're launching a membership portal for deep-dive research on what's evolving in the built environment industry and its surrounds. Drawing from a wide range of domains — from technology and finance to education and culture — we conduct surveys, interviews, research, and synthesis to illuminate our fast-changing world. Each report will include situational analysis, companion graphics, resources for reading, and DI Insights to inform your creative and business decisions.

Committed to integrity and deep understanding, DesignIntelligence Research will keep you equipped for your mission to change the world.

Your Access Starts Here
  • This first paper is available for you to read today , no commitment needed

  • Follow the Money Part 1 is a foretaste of the clarity, rigor, and relevance you can expect from the DesignIntelligence Research subscription program
  • By signing up to receive DesignIntelligence Research's inaugural paper, you will first to receive updates on when the subscription service registration opens as well as pricing incentives

How We Work
How We Work

  • The DesignIntelligence Research team draws upon a vast network of firms and thought leaders to conduct interviews & surveys on relevant topics throughout the built environment industry

  • With this exclusive information and our own analysis and insights, we produce monthly papers that are sure to inform and influence the built environment industry in ground-breaking ways
  • As an annual paid subscriber, you'll have 24/7 access to the DI Research portal, including our entire portfolio of past reports as well as a new research paper each month

Whats trending
What's Next from DI Research

  • Start reading Follow the Money Part 1 today and experience a bit of what is to come from DesignIntelligence's unparalleled insights for the built environment industry

  • At launch, subscription members will gain access to an ever-growing database of research including: Follow the Money Part 2, Senior Living - a unique perspective on how U.S. baby boomers will change the world, technology-driven deep dives into relevant topics such as 5G, and many more...

  • DesignIntelligence Research is committed to producing an ongoing stream of high-value, deep-dive research that informs, inspires, and uplifts our members and their design practices

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